Automatic Voice Translation

For global conferences and one-on-one mobile conversations, what everyone says is converted to subtitles, captions and translated voice.  Use Tywi alone or with Webex, Zoom, Skype …

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Simultaneous Interpretation (human)

Create your mini-United Nations with web interpretation on-line and on-site. Hundreds of people hear interpretation without special equipment.

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Tywi Multi-Language Medical Support

In the office:  Speak to patients and families without the language barrier.  Clarify insurance and medical forms, be ADA compliant, and enable doctor-patient conversations with 100% accuracy.  Provide medical consultation to patients via computerized distance services.

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Tywi Global Customer Service Software

Offer multi-language support in 78 languages as talking chat and voice-to-voice.  Share images and video.  Standalone, click-to-call & with PBX.

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Web conferences and on-site events 96%
Customized for hospitals and distance medicine 98%
Instant ADA compliance 95%
Powerful features for global employee training 95%
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Tywi is an experience like none other. For the first time you can enjoy multi-language business conferences, Skype conversations across languages, group meetings and breakouts where everyone speaks their own language, professional (human) simultaneous interpretation anywhere, streaming presentations in 78 languages and more...

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