CASE STUDY:  General Mills - Yoplait

Case:  Karl Thorson, Director of Food Safety

“Translate Your World has allowed me to better communicate with our teams in other countries. It makes it much more efficient during conference calls to not have to wait for a team member to translate and also ensures that my communication is verbatim. It is also very helpful that it gives me a transcript to add to Power Points in the narration section to capture my exact words from the presentation. I work with several large communities of practice across the globe and this will be very helpful to improve our communication during those meetings instead of just presenting in English. I have tested out the tool during web meetings and in person to enhance my Power Point presentation delivery. I’ve gotten very good feedback from our teams in both China and Brazil where I have done the testing. I’m very excited to share this more broadly across the company to help improve the efficiency and effectiveness of our communications with our global partners.”


Case Study:  Yahoo!  ERP Training

Case:  Lisa Merrill, MBA, MIS, CEO of MyConsultant Inc.

“I have a success story to share regarding the training translation tool called Translate Your World.  I trained a 10-day ERP training course that concluded with students taking an exam on the last day.  Five students were from various countries including the Netherlands, China, and Spain. The course was held at the U.S. headquarter location of an American company.  You can imagine how the participants must have felt coming into training where English wasn’t their first language, sitting through ten days of learning, and then required to take a certification exam at the conclusion of the course.

This Translate Your World software, nicknamed ‘Tywi’, is a simple webpage that absorbs my voice and translates my words in real-time into multiple languages, and also creates captions and braille.  The translation lays over whatever is on the screen or can be viewed on audience devices. I easily set up a translation session for the non-English speaking participants, and they logged in and utilized it every day.  In the past, before Tywi, the only people who failed the test consistently were those for whom English was not their first language.  Today for this course, I am pleased to announce that every single non-American student passed their test with flying colors, and I completely attribute that to the Translate Your World software.

The new version of Tywi has a complete web conferencing system with built-in automatic voice translation and captions.  Just flip it on, and anyone anywhere can comprehend.  And for on-site classes, with this new version, if high numbers of people need translation or even human interpretation, my second laptop can now beam the translation throughout the room to literally hundreds of participants without need for them to connect their devices to the internet that previously caused such bandwidth-clog.  These advancements slash previous high costs associated with global training and significantly increase communication while at the same time bringing inclusion to everyone.”