Tywi's Global Customer Service Software

Tywi’s multilingual customer service software is not just a regular “website chat”.  Tywi is alive, it speaks, it has audio and video communication for the digital generation.  Tywi is accessed from almost any device in surprising new ways.  It functions with people who speak your language and with people who don’t.  Tywi connects customers with agents with a single click.  And now, add Tywi to your call center or chat service.

  • Serve customers in almost any language
  • Translate your chat or speech into a speaking voice in the visitor’s language
  • Type chat or talk across languages, then share images, files, maps, movies
  • Insert Click-to-Connect links to your website, emails, texts, PDFs, social media
  • Use scripts or improvise your conversation
  • Add human interpretation to a session in 60 seconds
  • Convert one voice accent to another accent
  • Use the world’s easiest Agent interface that requires only minutes to implement and functions on any device

Tywi is a multi-language customer service experience

Tywi’s multilingual customer service software can be used as a personal one-on-one communication, or in simultaneous conversations with multiple people.  Tywi provides a new environment to create relationships and upsell products.  For a website visitor who speaks another language, Tywi is a new and unique experience.  Suddenly, the translated voice of the agent leaps out to “talk” in the visitor’s own language as an attractive computer.  And what the visitor types or speaks is translated for the agent.

Tywi next generation of customer service

Tywi Global Customer Service software is an easy way to serve customers based upon advanced text and speech solutions combined with new generation technologies like camera, screen share, file share, and video.

Tywi not only functions from your website as click-to-chat or click-to-talk, but for the first time, you can place links for customers to  “Contact Tech Support” or “Contact Sales”  directly into emails, SMS text messages, mobile blasts, PDFs, Power Points, and any social media.

A click on the link opens a conversation between you and the customer in any language.  You can talk or text-chat with customers on any modern device.  Customers can share their problems with you using their camera, and you respond by sharing the answer from your screen.

Tywi and call centers

Tywi can also be integrated into your call center or professional service center as well as into chat center software and other professional applications.  Most particularly, if your customers have trouble understanding the accent of your agents, Tywi provides a marvelous solution for converting the agent’s accent into an accent that your customers will understand, such as Indian English to UK English.

Interpretation in 60 Seconds

Translate Your World partners with fine interpretation companies that provide language and ASL interpreters on demand.   The interpreters may be located anywhere in the world.

Translation Quality

There are several options for controlling the quality of translation from pre-scripted (pre-translated) content to improvised (unscripted) conversation that is automatically translated.   Pre-translated content by professional translators can be easily imported into TYWI through a special interface.  For automatic voice and text translation, there are controls are in place to increase automated translation accuracy including personal dictionaries, professional glossary support, and ability to import related documentation.  If you need professional translators with expertise in your business, Translate Your World’s parent company has over 25 years experience in translation and interpretation for the Fortune 500.

Saving conversations

Optionally Tywi can also save a text version of the words typed and spoken during the conversations, logged into a database.  You may export text files in both languages.  Alternatively, your settings may prevent all saving of any asset inside Tywi, in which case Tywi is totally transient for security, with no audio or text retained.