Automatic Voice Translation - Speak 78 Languages Instantly

  • What you say is translated into 78 languages
  • What they say is translated for you
  • Full speed, real-time, no wait for processing
  • Voices become subtitles or a translated voice
  • Meet and talk online or in person across languages
  • Provide customer service for people in many languages
  • Choose from a variety of translation software (more than Google)
  • Control quality and accuracy with personal dictionaries
  • Use interpreters (human) in real-time like the United Nations

With Tywi Worldwide, communicate across languages as well as with the Deaf.  Learn more…

Tywi Voice Translation Breaks the Language Barrier

Translate Your World International’s software, Tywi (pronounced “tie-wee”), automatically converts what you say into dozens of languages, LIVE in real-time and at full speed, making your words almost instantly understandable by a global audience.  Tywi’s is speech translation software that provides automatic voice translation through a webpage.  An amazing webpage.  Just go to the webpage and talk.  Nothing to download or install.

For one-way voice translation (such as a presentation) or multi-directional voice translation (conversation or meeting), everyone speaks in their native language and chooses their preferred language for subtitles and/or translated voice. The accuracy of Tywi’s automatic translation is significantly improved through artificial intelligence combined with professional dictionaries and your own personal dictionary.

Use Tywi with Webex, Zoom, Skype, GoToMeeting, BlueJeans

Tywi can be used in a variety of ways to translate speech with almost any web conferencing software.  To translate your voice, just click on a Tywi link, and Tywi opens and overlays the original web conferencing.  As you speak, your voice will be translated, and the voices of everyone else who also has the small Tywi overlay page open will also be translated.  Tywi’s voice translation will display subtitles and also converts the subtitles into an attractive synthesized translated voice. 

Everyone in the conference can also text-chat in the same way people chat with regular web conferencing, except that with Tywi everyone’s chat is translated for each participant into their preferred language. 

And new this year, Tywi can now be incorporated into the same webpage as Webex, Skype, or any web conferencing with APIs.  Learn more…

Tywi Small Group Meetings

When used as a standalone, Tywi bundles together all of the text translation, automatic voice translation, and captioning features, with cool options for collaboration such as image share, Power Point share, and screen share.  All participants type or speak in their own language.

  • Speech and conversation translated into any of 78 languages in real time
  • Provides instant captions for the deaf and audio for the blind
  • Chat area in which participants type in their own language
  • Share audio, video, desktop, camera, files
  • Convert one accent to another (e.g. Indian to UK)
  • Control quality and accuracy of the translation
  • Stream (human) simultaneous interpreters (like the United Nations)
  • Learn more…

Multi-Language Subtitles with Any Web Conferencing

For serious webinar speakers, if you plan to share your entire screen in a presentation, with Tywi not only the Power Point or camera may be shared, but also subtitles in up to 6 languages. With a strong, modern computer and good internet connection, your words are instantly translated into multiple languages and streamed with the “Share Screen” feature of your preferred web conferencing (Zoom, Webex, Skype – or Tywi – web conferencing).

Tywi Side-by-Side

When you need to converse with someone standing next to you or sitting at a table, Tywi offers a way for 2 people to communicate on the same device.  This view of Tywi was created to empower people to do more than translate one single sentence, but rather to converse naturally and speak fluidly while Tywi translates what is spoken both as subtitles and as translated voice.  Side-by-Side has all of the advantages of the Tywi system including Tywi’s artificial intelligence and personal dictionaries.   Learn more…

Extreme Data Security

Translate Your World is also the developer of the Tywi Secure Web Microphone, potentially the most secure soft microphone on the Internet.  This “soft microphone” is built directly into the webpage and ensures total confidentiality and security of your translated conversation, plus meets HIPAA standards.