Voice Translation in Dozens of Languages

  • What you say is translated into 78 languages
  • What they say is translated for you
  • Full speed, real-time, no wait for processing
  • Voices become subtitles or a translated voice
  • Meet and talk online or in person across languages
  • Provide customer service for people in many languages
  • Subtitle video libraries
  • Choose from a variety of translation software (more than Google)
  • Control quality and accuracy with personal dictionaries
  • Use interpreters (human) in real-time like the United Nations

Tywi Voice Translation Breaks the Language Barrier

Translate Your World’s main software, Tywi (pronounced “tie-wee”), automatically converts what you say into dozens of languages, LIVE in real-time and at full speed, making your words almost instantly understandable by a global audience.  For one-way voice translation (such as a presentation) or multi-directional voice translation (conversation or meeting), everyone speaks in their native language and chooses their preferred language for subtitles and/or translated voice.

Tywi’s is speech translation software that provides automatic voice translation through a webpage.  An amazing webpage.  Just go to the webpage and talk.  Nothing to download or install.  And now can be used through telephone, too.

Tywi can be used in a variety of ways to translate speech.  Click on a link in Webex, Skype, GoToMeeting and the voice translation pops up as subtitles or is heard as a translated voice.  Or use Tywi Web Conferencing with full voice translation capabilities built-in.   Tywi can be inserted into your own website or combined with Skype for Business, Cisco Jabber, and other applications that need speech translation.   And Tywi’s second breakthrough software for online human simultaneous interpretation (like the United Nations) can also be included in your global events.

Amazing Easy to Use

Tywi speech translation has a generic version that can be used instantly by almost anyone to talk to another person who speaks a different language. Yet the Tywi voice translation system can also be personalized to your voice and the way you speak. Then it can additionally be personalized to your vocabulary. The system will automatically translate the spoken words as text and speak them with synthesized voices.  And because there is nothing for people to download or install, people can read or hear a translation anywhere in the world on any device.   Tywi has now full compatibility with braille devices, enabling sighted-hearing people to communicate easily with the Deaf-Blind as well as the Deaf.

Your Event Becomes a Global Event

Globalizing any event is fast and easy.  Plus there are solutions for multiple speakers, accented speakers, simultaneous interpretation on the Web, and across-language customer support.  With as little as 20 minutes of preparation you may offer your conference, breakouts, and presentations in up to 78 languages at the same time.  And now the experience is interactive.  Invite questions and comments. When attendees speak or text in their own language, their responses are translated for the moderator.

Quality Control

The combination of personal dictionaries plus several connected automatic translation software (some of which improve every time you use them), help you to increase the translation accuracy up to 96%, including the capability for special vocabulary such as financial, technical, medical and your own personal dictionaries.  You may choose which translation software to use for each language, and Tywi customers all work together to improve the dictionaries for each profession.

Tywi for business is serious software.  Excellent results arise from a partnership between the person who is speaking and the software.  Top results do not simply fall from the sky;  rather a little testing, trying, and effort will yield remarkable results. Dictionaries for your profession and personal vocabulary make significant impact.