• Staff communicates with guests in their language
  • On-site visitors ask questions and receive answers
  • Across-language airport and traveler assistance
  • Website visitors make reservations and communicate
  • Multi-language customer care, menus, conferences
  • Hearing-impaired read captions on own device
  • Facility tour creation as text and translated voice
  • Management communicates with non-native staff

Across-language Hospitality

TYWI-Guest Service is an automatic speech translator that translates what staff say in real-time at the hotel, airport, tourist attraction, or facility.  TYWI is a complete conversation translator, far beyond simplistic apps.  It not only translates what the staff say as voice or text in the guest’s language, but also the guest’s answer.

Communication between staff and guest occur in-person, on-line, or on telephone.  Use at the reception counter, retail locations, restaurants, information booths, hotel rooms, and websites.  Even between the service staff and management.

How does it work?  Just go to a webpage and talk.  Place any tablet on a desktop or counter and touch a button, or stream a translation on a wall monitor from a laptop or desktop.  Talk across-language on a telephone, and bring your website’s “Talk With An Agent” alive for interantional visitors. Translations display as subtitles or are heard as an attractive, synthesized computer voice in the visitor’s language on almost any device.


Multi-language Guest Service

Imagine – a bus group of Chinese tourists comes to your facility, and your staff speak only English and Spanish.  With TYWI-Tourism, when the front desk clerk speaks, the clerk’s voice is automatically translated into a Chinese voice.  The Chinese visitors listen on the tablet that you placed on your front desk counter, read subtitles on the tablet or wall monitor, and can even hear or read on their own smartphones. Then, the Chinese visitors can answer or ask questions, and their words are also translated.

If you have more than one language in the group, then a different language by each tourist.  For example, 2 people listen or read subtitles in French, another 5 in Spanish, and 3 in Arabic.  And, of course, TYWI-Tourism provides instant captioning for the deaf at all times.


Translate Your Tour

TYWI translates what the tour guide says as the guide speaks.  Tourists can hear the tourguide speak in their choice of 35 languages, or subtitles may be displayed on almost any device with access to the internet or a cell signal.

When a visitor has a question, by using the “Ask Questions” feature, the foreign visitor can text questions to the tour guide in their native language.  The question is translated for the tour guide.  When the tour guide speaks, the answer is heard in their language by the visitors.

Self-Guided Tours

Once the visitors have a link, number, QR code, or bar code,  they can access your tour information, e.g. explanations of paintings in an art museum, the story of an object in a history museum, even movie subtitles, all in their own language.  Tours may be created as a simple Excel file imported into Translate Your World, and translations may be performed by professional translators and/or the automated translation provided by TYWI.  Your choice.