Speak and be understood:

  • Automatic captioning for the hearing-impaired
  • Automatic voice translation as subtitles in 78 languages
  • Automatic voice-to-voice translation in 35 languages
  • Patient’s spoken or typed answer is translated for you.

Everything you need:

  • Across-language texting and talking
  • Choice of perfect pre-translations or improvisation
  • Help completing forms and answering questions
  • Click to add a human interpreter in 60 seconds
  • And provide unparalleled service in any language.

Tywi-Hospital Solutions

Translate Your World (“Tywi”) offers special software that broadens the language reach and accessibility for hospitals.  The hearing-impaired and international visitors receive more services than ever before possible, and yet the effort and cost of providing translation is vastly reduced.

Open a webpage on a tablet, laptop, smartphone or desktop and captions will appear as you speak. Select a language, and subtitles appear that are a translation of your spoken words as text, plus a voice can be heard in the other language speaking the translation. Tywi is designed for nurses to communicate with patients, receptionists to welcome new arrivals, admissions to fill out forms, and doctors to convey basic communication.

Tywi can be used with no training whatsoever, just go to a webpage, click, then type or speak.  Yet there are ways to achieve perfection by training Tywi and also by using pre-planned, scripted conversations selected from a dropdown list.

Talk & Type Across Languages

Translate Your World turns websites into an across-language communication tool.  International patients go to your website to “chat live” and set appointments and ask questions.  What your staff types becomes not only chat text in their language but is also spoken aloud on their device.  And a simple click turns that chat conversation into an across-language talking experience.

Levels of Voice Translation

For offices with only sporadic need for captions or translation, Translate Your World offers a Tywi-Basic, a solution that is so easy to use that anyone can use it without training.  Just go to a webpage to talk or type, and what you say or text will become instant captions and translations.

Offices that strive for high levels of accuracy will be pleased with Tywi-Advanced. This version takes one-time preparation of 30 minutes for the software plus a couple of hours to become familiar with the advanced features.  Tywi-Advanced can be customized with numerous pre-planned, professionally translated conversations. Use for face-to-face meetings across languages, for on-line conversations from your website, as well as for online meetings using WebEx, Skype, GoToMeeting, and other web software.

There are ways to prepare the Tywi-Hospital software to understand the patient’s voice in such as way that comprehension improves each time the patient talks.    While some patients will be understood better than others varying with dialect, vocabulary, and pronunciation, your staff can quickly and easily assist the patient or family to speak in a way that is well understood by the software.

Human Interpretation

And finally, interpretation may be summoned almost instantly to help you in situations where human support is important.  No more waiting for 30 minutes to 2 hours until your own interpreter has time, now you just click a button on a webpage to summon interpretation.  Your own interpreter may now stop walking up and down the halls in the various buildings, and serve everyone from one single location.  Alternatively, Tywi’s partner provides both qualified medical interpreters and ASL interpreters on-demand, generally available in less than 60 seconds.

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