Simultaneous Interpretation on the Web and On-Site

Add simultaneous interpretation (United Nations style) to any on-line or on-site event, meeting, conversation, or large conference, and take your favorite interpreter with you in your laptop when you travel.   Tywi software enables real-time simultaneous interpretation by interpreters located anywhere in the world.  Use your own interpreter or a Tywi pro.

Turn an on-line or on-site event into your own United Nations without the expense of building booths, cabling, special audio-visual personnel, and even without channel earphones, if you like.  To hear the simultaneous interpretation, invite people to open their own devices to hear the interpreter’s voice, or play the interpretation over loudspeakers or channel earphones.  Alternatively, Tywi can turn the interpreter’s voice into subtitles to be displayed on a monitor, on the wall, or on attendee devices.

Breakthrough “NES” (No Equipment Solution)

For on-site conferences, for the first time, real-time simultaneous interpretation can be added to any meeting without equipment.  Translate Your World has invented a solution that enables hundreds of attendees to receive real-time simultaneous interpretation on their own devices without expensive channel earphones, without connecting to the internet, and without paying a penny to their mobile provider.  All the conference organizer needs is a second laptop.  You will be amazed – ask us how it’s done!

United Nations style simultaneous interpretation

The United Nations style of interpretation is in real-time, only a few words behind the speaker.  It is called “simultaneous interpretation”.  Tywi offers the most advanced software on the planet for this remote style of interpretation.  And if you need an interpreter, we partner around the world and offer specialists in medical, technical, financial, technology, and business.

Tywi software is a webpage.  The webpage has built-in, dual-channel interpretation capability (example:  Spanish<>English).  The interpreter can quickly flip from one language to another, and up to 20 languages can interpret for the same conference.  There is nothing to download or install, just go to a webpage to have a conference across languages.   Tywi can be used as a standalone or with any web conferencing software.

Large on-site audiences receive simultaneous interpretation - no equipment required!

For large auditoriums, the organizer guides the sound of the original event into a laptop USB port with the Tywi webpage open or any other web conferencing open like Webex, GoToMeeting, Skype, etc.  The simultaneous interpreters hear the audio wherever they are, and interpret into Tywi.  The interpreter’s voice returns instantly into the event room in less than a second.  The event organizer distributes a Tywi link so that audiences may listen on their own devices (without fear of overages) or guides the interpreter’s audio into transmitters that stream to channel earphones.  The Tywi video feature can also be used for sign language interpretation for the deaf.

Web conference simultaneous interpretation

Simultaneous interpretation for web events is so easy that it requires no training at all.  The interpreter listens to your event just like anyone else in attendance.  As the interpreter listens, he/she interprets into the Tywi webpage.  If you are using Webex, GoToMeeting, Tywi Web Conferencing, or any other web software, simply place the Tywi interpretation link into the Chat area of the software.  People who need interpretation click on the link, and up pops the interpretation.

Importantly, Tywi Web Conferencing is the first simultaneous interpretation software to give online listeners volume control over the various voices.  All other approaches only enable listeners to hear the interpreter, and thus they miss all music, laughter, crowd noises, and atmosphere of the original event — all is lost to silence.  With Tywi, listeners may balance the audio to hear the original channel of the event softly in the background with the interpreter’s voice louder in the foreground, or choose to hear the simultaneous interpreter’s voice alone.  This volume control represents the first time that a “blending of voices” is available on the internet, simulating a live, in-person conference experience.

Tywi versatility for accessing simultaneous interpretation

Tywi is built to handle up to 40,000 connections per language and is compatible with any web conferencing software (WebEx, Adobe Connect, Skype, Zoom, etc.), plus we offer our own web conferencing with built-in simultaneous interpretation feature and even subtitles from the interpreter’s voice.  Because Tywi also has an API-SDK, the interpretation audio stream may also be embedded into the your own webpage.  In fact, the entire Tywi simultaneous interpretation system can be embedded into your website or into the same page as Skype, Cisco Jabber, and others.  The quality of the Tywi audio is extraordinarily high due to the invention of Translate Your World’s partner, Voxeet, developer of the marvelous HD quality sound that streams at low bandwidth.  Surprisingly, this powerful sound is also light so that it connects even in most low bandwidth locations.

Sentence-by-Sentence Interpretation

Sentence-by-sentence interpretation is called “consecutive interpretation”.  It is slow, but functional and less expensive.  Because it is slow, it is most appropriate for shorter or sporadic needs such as medical offices, hotels, or retail sales.  You may use your own interpreter online with Tywi software or sign up for a special account to summon a Tywi interpreter in 60 seconds on-demand support in major languages via telephone.  There is nothing to download or install.


  • Small group online events:  Tywi requires decent access to the internet, but not necessarily a super-fast connection.  There is nothing to download or install, just go to a webpage.
  • Large groups:  For major on-site conferences, it is strongly advised to use direct connection to the internet, rather than WiFi, to send the conference audio to the interpreters, and to receive one stream of interpretation from Tywi.  Importantly, Translate Your World offers a remarkable solution for large conferences.  You download a small software into a second laptop, and easily use that laptop to broadcast in-house to hundreds of devices without worry about bandwidth and without adding to your audience’s monthly gigabyte quotas.   Moreover,  Tywi subtitles from an interpreter’s voice can also be created and displayed on audience devices or on the wall or monitors.  The subtitles may be saved to the Tywi database, then later exported as a transcription or  processed as subtitles to lay over a video of the event.
  • About Interpreters:  Tywi offers outstanding interpreters in every field, including technical and medical, located around the world.  When you employ your own interpreters, the Tywi software is so easy to use that interpreters can use the software with only a paragraph of instruction.  For interpreters who are new to remote interpretation, we recommend that they follow Tywi’s guide document that explains how to test the strength of their internet access (they should have a minimum of 5 megs of download and almost 1 meg of upload).  Note that interpreters usually need your help using Webex, Adobe, Zoom, etc.    Translate Your World will be pleased to train your interpreters for you, and Tywi staff will participate in online test sessions in advance of the conference as well as take part in remote tests from the conference site.