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Pro Hockey Weekly:

My online radio program draws thousands of pro hockey fans from all over the world. I wanted to expand my reach and offer interviews with international players and translate segments of interest to that audience. With TYWI, I can reach these listeners in their language. We expect to triple or quadruple the listener base this year.”
-- Darryl Houston-Smith


TYWI fills the language communication gap for international player interviews, celebrity promos, and sportscaster commentary, as well as provides support for new player training, international recruiting, and team building.   All you need is access to the internet.

Automated Interpretation

TYWI creates the global voice of sports by automatically turning sportscasts, interviews, and communications into multiple languages. TYWI creates automatic translations from an announcer's voice and from interviews, as well as automatic captions for the deaf.  The translations appear as internet subtitles in 78 languages or can be heard as a translated voice in 35 languages on any device. Automated translations also leverage a fan base around the world by further internationalizing a team and player's reach. 

Human Interpretation

One of the features of TYWI software is simultaneous interpretation via the Web for press conferences, interviews, and negotiations.  TYWI creates a personal "United Nations" where an interpreter can be heard with almost no loss of time.  The translated results are received on any laptop, tablet, smartphone, loudspeaker, or as live "feed".