With Tywi you can:

  • Talk to people around the world who speak other languages
  • Give webinars and conferences in dozens of languages
  • Provide multi-language customer service and support
  • Teach a class or train employees around the world
  • Use simultaneous (human) interpreters on-site and on-line
  • Communicate with employees and overseas colleagues of other languages
  • Exchange one spoken accent for another (e.g. Indian accent for UK accent)
  • Speak face-to-face with guests in their native tongue
  • Communicate freely with the deaf

Automatic voice translation

Tywi is the first software to enable across-language communication at full speed.    Your voice becomes a voice in the other language and also becomes subtitles in up to 78 languages.  The voice of the other person is translated for you, as well, as both audio and text.   Each user has control over the quality and results.  And unlike telephone systems that ask you, “How can we help?” and then rarely understand what you say, TYWI will understand you and will improve every time you use it.

Simultaneous interpretation software

Tywi also makes the most advanced and easy-to-use software for simultaneous interpretation via the web, creating an experience similar to the United Nations.  The interpreters may be located anywhere in the world and the interpretation is delivered to any on-site and online conference.  Tywi is compatible with any web conferencing including Skype, Zoom, Webex, and others.  The amazing real-time human interpretation will be just a few words behind the original voice, almost 100% perfect, at HD quality.

Wherever there is internet or a cell signal

Tywi enables across-language conversation.  Tywi translates what is spoken in a room or shared on WebEx, Zoom, Adobe Connect, Google Hangout, or any other Web conferencing, as well as Skype and telephone.  Wherever there is a connection, Tywi translates what people say as they speak, provides automatic captioning for the deaf, and shares the voice of an interpreter (human) via the Web from anywhere in the world.  Two people face-to-face can talk in different languages on the same device, in addition to innovative across-language texting applications. There is even a way to pre-translate phrases so that a perfect translation can be selected on-the-fly, plus a way for you to personalize dictionaries and translations.

The technology

Tywi technology is a mission control center that connects every major player in the language automation field: Microsoft, Google, Apple, Nuance, Android, ReadSpeaker, SDL, Systran, Baidu, Asia-Online, Yandex, WebRTC, and other technologies.  All work together in harmony.  Tywi gives users ways to improve the quality of the results each time they use the system, and offers business technology solutions for multi-language presentations, automatic interpretation, transcriptions, translations, and subtitling.  Each giant of technology has its strengths, and by placing all under one umbrella, Tywi’s design assures that maximum accuracy with today’s technology and functions on every modern device: desktop, laptop, tablet, and smartphone.

Tywi’s Context Engine is AI (artificial intelligence) that rectifies many errors and mis-assumptions by automatic translation software.   Moreover, Tywi offers the first software for online and on-site human simultaneous interpretation (like the United Nations) with no equipment required (no booths, cables, transmitters, receivers, or earphones).  This solution is free to listeners, and the audience does not connect to the internet.

Who are we?

The parent of Translate Your World is a niche technology and media localization company that has been in global business for 25 years, has developed several language solutions, and has a client list of the Fortune 500.  In the course of doing business, the company translated and produced localized code for over 150 international telecom applications, plus localized thousands of training courses, videos, and internet events.  In an effort to help their clients lower the cost of doing global business, plus open doors for corporations and entrepreneurs to expand internationally at less cost, the company conducted interviews and market research with over 300 companies in 28 countries including the Global 1000, importers, schools, tourist destinations, and hospitals each of which shared their suffering caused by language.  Every interview was an hour, and not one person cut the interview short.  All of their dreams have been built into Translate Your World.  That is our promise.

Automatic Tywi is 50/50 software

For general consumers, automatic Tywi is a fun and a delightful experience.   In the business world, Tywi can create communication where there was no communication in the past.  Importantly, the Tywi software is “50/50 software”:  50% of the work is done by the software and 50% by the speaker.  To achieve best translation results, it is recommended that the speaker talk in an “international manner”, clearly, without slang or complex expressions, and at a normal, relaxed speed. Plus the speaker will probably need to add some unrecognized words to the speech dictionary, and invite the listeners to submit translation improvements to your personal translation dictionary or try Tywi’s dictionary services. There is a variety of translation software inside Tywi, some of which will be better than others for each language or vocabulary, and some even have ways to feed in documents and webpages to personalize the translation to your company and industry.

Extreme Data Security

Translate Your World is also the developer of the Tywi Secure Web Microphone, potentially the most secure soft microphone on the Internet. This “soft microphone” is built directly into the webpage and ensures total confidentiality and security of your translated conversation, plus meets HIPAA standards.