Conference Subtitles

Big Screen Subtitles

Up to 5 or even more languages can be displayed on one large screen. Tywi is a webpage, so any screen that can display a webpage qualifies.

Subtitles on Mobile

There are various ways to view subtitles on mobile. This is the most popular for on-site conferences.

Simultaneous Interpretation with Subtitles

Both the audio of an interpreter, plus subtitles – or captions – can be seen here on the same device.

Subtitles Streamed with Event

There are a variety of ways to stream subtitles with the original event, including burned-in subtitles, layover subtitles, and “select your language preference” (up to 78).

Small Group Subtitles

In a small group, another option is to display subtitles on a side monitor. Some conferences have up to 34 langauges on monitors spread around the room.

Live and Post-Event subtitles

Live subtitles can also be saved with timecode and exported as SRT or VTT files. Alternatively, perfect subtitles can be generated post-event.

Subtitles with Any Web Conferencing

Subtitles can be streamed with any web conferencing. The audience can ask questions in native language by speaking into Tywi, or by typing chat in their language – all translated for every participant.

Subtitles from Speaker and Audience Chat

Subtitles are generated here from the speaker’s (or interpreter’s) voice. The chat comes from participants typing in their own language on the Tywi Chat app on their smartphone or laptop.

Multi-language Webinars

One of several options for multi-language webinars is a simple “share screen” with subtitles on one side of the screen.

Multi-language Subtitles On-site

More options for multi-language webinars include small to large displays on almost any monitor or screen.

Tradeshow booths attract internationals as subtitles stream the pitch, plus hand-held translation apps tailored to product vocabulary.

Make the Registration desk a warm and welcoming experience for international attendees.