Speech Translation for Conferences

  • Automatic and human interpretation for auditorium conferences
  • Subtitles and voice translation for Web conferences and webinars
  • Group meetings and breakouts in many languages
  • Multi-room events across-language
  • Text chat-back translated for conference organizers
  • All streaming in up to 78 languages
  • For human interpretation, use your interpreters or a Tywi pro
  • Bandwidth issues?  Tywi has invented a solution for hundreds of attendees to hear interpretation and read subtitles with only 2 laptops accessing the internet


With as little as 2 hours of preparation you can offer your conference, breakouts, and product demos to a global audience. Tywi-Conference solutions include 100% automatic voice translation, online human simultaneous interpretation via the Web, and instant captioning for the deaf.  All may be used at the same time.

Compatible with smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktops, wall monitors, and loudspeakers, Tywi gives your on-site audience and remote attendees the option to select their preferred language and read subtitles or hear voice translation in their native tongue. The voice translation can be automatic or professional simultaneous interpreters located anywhere in the world.

The experience is also interactive. Invite questions, surveys and voting; attendees type or text responses in their own language, translated for the moderator.

Tywi offers a wide variety of automatic translation software.  You and your attendees control the automatic results by selecting the automatic translation software that best handles your subject matter, and then adding words or importing translated documents into your Tywi personal dictionary. And, of course, using human simultaneous interpretation (like the United Nations) with Tywi, the results are almost 100% perfect.

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Tywi automatic voice translation can be used by speakers with any other web conferencing.  The meeting organizer inserts a link in the Chat area of the software.  When people click, a Tywi window appears with the translation as subtitles, computer voice, or human interpreter.  For corporate security, Tywi has invented the most secure “soft microphone” on the internet.  This means that what you say remains 100% confidential.

image of multiple options for subtitle placement, all of which can be talking subtitles

Human Interpretation via the Web

Tywi provides online simultaneous interpretation.  Up to 40,000 listeners per language can hear the interpretation either through channel headphones on-site or using earbuds with their own device.  Interpreters may be located anywhere in the world, interpreting out of their home or office.  The end result is almost identical to the traditional method without usual booths, cables, techniciens travel expenses, and associated costs.  You can even take your interpreter with you wherever you go — in your laptop!

Interpreters listen to the audio of the conference via WebEx, Skype, Adobe Connect, Tywi or telephone… in any way you prefer.  As long as the audio is loud and clear, you can have interpretation.  Attendees listen from their own devices through earbuds, or the conference sends the sound to earphones with channel selectors or plays the interpretation over a loudspeaker.   Visitors who attend a conference given in a foreign language can clip a little Go-Mic to their laptop or mobile device, sit near a loudspeaker with excellent audio output, and receive personal interpretation through earbuds while their colleagues listen, too, in the same room or online.

image of interpretation plus talking text chat on tablet

image of talking subtitles heard on smartphone

Interpretation as Subtitles

If you choose to also translate the interpreter’s voice into other languages, Tywi can stream subtitles generated by a captionist, a parrot or the interpreter’s voice to attendees in the room and online in the attendee choice of language.  Attendees view subtitles on their own device or displayed on a monitor or screen.  The audience may choose to read subtitles in up to 78 languages – at the same time! – or hear attractive translated computer voices in 35 languages.  And, of course, Tywi creates automatic captions for the deaf.


The Tywi team offers training in all aspects of online global conferencing:  helping conference organizers go global, how to set up your conference for translation, how to use speech recognition, and interpreter training.