High Quality Conference Subtitles

Now any online, on-site, or hybrid conference can be subtitled with high quality automatic translation based upon real-time captions by a professional television captioner.  The captioner types in full sentences for best possible automatic translation.  Then the captions flow through the world’s top translation software plus the AI of Tywi to produce your subtitles in as many languages as desired.

Any conference may be viewed in a multitude of ways.  The images on this page display the options from which the organizer may select.  Several options may be used for the same event, such as big screen for the main languages, and user’s own device for other languages. 

Accuracy ranges by language, content and subject matter, as high as 99%.  You may subtitle in almost as many languages as you desire at the same time, plus provide captioning for the hearing-impaired.  All without downloading or installing anything.

On-Site options:

Subtitles may be one language or multiple languages.

  • Subtitles on big screen presentation-style
  • Subtitles on the side of the big screen
  • Subtitles on separate screen or monitor
  • Subtitles on audience devices
  • Subtitles on audience devices plus interactive multi-language chat  (audience chats questions in own language, translated for you)
  • Subtitles on audience devices plus interactive speech and chat (audience speaks or chats questions in own language, translated for you)

The software used by the captioner is called Tywi Pro Conference Subtitler.  When the captioner types into Tywi, the text is translated in real-time into as many languages as requested.  The subtitles are then received on any of the Tywi layouts selected for that conference.

Online options:

Subtitles may be one language or multiple languages.

  • Subtitles with web conferencing shown at the bottom of the screen (Zoom, Webex, Skype, GoToMeeting,Adobe…)
  • Subtitles with web conferencing with interactive chat (audience can type questions in their language, translated for everyone)
  • Subtitles with web conferencing with interactive speech and chat (attendees speak or chat in own language, translated for everyone)

Multi-Language Subtitles

For on-site events, subtitles in up to 5 languages can be displayed on a screen. For important webinars, if you plan to share your entire screen in a presentation, by using a captioner and Tywi Pro Conference Subtitler not only can you share your Power Point, but also subtitles in up to 6 languages. With a strong, modern computer and good internet connection, your words are instantly translated into multiple languages and streamed with the “Share Screen” feature of your preferred web conferencing (Zoom, Webex, Skype, GoToMeeting, BlueJeans, etc).

Tywi is especially helpful for listeners from other countries who often strain to understand fast talking. Adding captions to your event in the original language (such as English) is enormously helpful, because many international people can read English well, but have trouble with speaking voices, especially when spoken quickly.

How to use Tywi with Webex, Zoom, Skype, GoToMeeting…

 The organizer opens a Tywi subtitle page (there is a wide selection) on his/her computer desktop, then opens and resizes the Power Point or image above the subtitles.  Remotely, the captioner will listen to the event online,and create the subtitles in real time, all of which flow immediately into the subtitle field(s) on the organizers screen, to be automatically shared with viewers.

Subtitles for Online Videos Post-Event

Tywi Pro Conference Subtitler is set to be transient (not retain any data).  However, if you pre-order “video subtitle files”, you can receive SRT subtitle files in the various languages that upload at a click and display over your online videos.  Viewers select their preferred language, and the subtitles “lay over” the video (like they do on YouTube).

Now Interactive
online and on-site!

Subtitles on a Side Screen

One of the most popular displays is on a separate screen.  The image to the left shows subtitles in 3 languages on a pull-up screen.  Members of the audience can also view subtitles in other languages on their own devices. 

Unlike television captions with the mandatory 31 characters per line, captioners who work with Tywi create full sentences with all punctuation.  They use special machines for faster transcribing, so they work fast and incorporate personalized vocabulary.  These captioners come in various flavors including business, medical, technical, and financial.   The correctly written full sentences pass through Tywi’s state-of-the-art collection of the world’s finest automatic translation software, enhanced by our AI and personal dictionaries.  The accuracy of full sentence automatic translation is high, but never perfect, of course, and some languages are more mature than others.

Security lock image

Extreme Data Security

Translate Your World is also the developer of the Tywi Secure Web Microphone, potentially the most secure soft microphone on the Internet.  This “soft microphone” is built directly into the webpage and ensures total confidentiality and security of your translated conversation, plus meets HIPAA standards.