Tutorials for Tywi Multi-Language Customer Service software

Step 1 :  The first impression

The first impression of your company is the experience of joining you on Tywi.  With Tywi, you have the opportunity to display images and movies to set the tone of the customer experience.

Tutorial: Part 1

Learn the basics on how customers connect to you, and how easy it is to begin chatting with customers and prospects in any language.

Tutorial: Part 2

This video introduces you to the major advanced features of Tywi including sharing images, web pages, Power Points, plus audio, camera, scripted conversations, and more.

Accent Exchange

If your customers have trouble understanding the accent of your agents, Tywi provides a marvelous solution for converting the agent’s accent into an accent that your customers will understand, for example, from Indian English to UK English.

Any Modern Device


Translation Quality

There are several options for controlling the quality of translation from pre-scripted (pre-translated) content to improvised (unscripted) conversation that is automatically translated.   Pre-translated content by professional translators can be easily imported into Tywi through a special interface.  For automatic voice and text translation, there are controls are in place to increase automated translation accuracy including personal dictionaries, professional glossary support, and ability to import related documentation.  If you need professional translators with expertise in your business, Translate Your World’s parent company has over 25 years experience in translation and interpretation for the Fortune 500.

Saving conversations

Optionally the Tywi Multi-Language Customer Service software can also save a text version of the words typed and spoken during the conversations.  You may store text in both languages.  Coming soon also is call audio recordings in both languages (original and translation).  Importantly, your settings have the option to prevent all saving of any asset, in which case Tywi is totally transient for security, with no audio or text forwarded to your servers nor stored anywhere inside Tywi.