Honda Europe

Honda is a company that deeply cares about its team members who are stretched across multiple languages.   The more countries are involved in any type of corporation, the more complex communication becomes.   Importantly, typed communication such as email is easier across languages than spoken communication.  With the spoken word, there are many accents and pronunciations, and therefore subtitles often help clarify voice presentations and speeches.

There are multiple ways to produce subtitles through automation.  For this event, there were multiple speakers throughout the day.  The speakers came from several countries, thus had varied accents.  A “Parrot” was used to produce the subtitles.  A Parrot is a person whose voice is well understood by the Tywi software.  The Parrot follows the basic Tywi rules of clear pronunciation, not speaking crazy fast, and taking a short breath at the end of each sentence.  Also, Honda has many internal expressions that are not part of a regular dictionary, so these expressions were entered into the “speech dictionary”. 

When using Parrots, the results are never 100% accurate (it is amazingly difficult to pronounce everything perfectly), but the accuracy rate in the original language is high enough to translate the basic message.  You can select Parrots from your own personnel, and Tywi will train.  In this way, one internal Parrot can provide support for many events.  Your personnel will understand the subject matter, and know the corporate terminology better than a stranger from the outside, so results will be highest with internal members.

The other way to approach automatic subtitles is to use captioners with Tywi.  Captioners use the special equipment made for television captions.  Several of these equipment can be used in conjunction with Tywi to produce high quality real-time transcriptions, broken down into subtitles that are translated in real-time into as many languages as desired.   Using captioners eliminates several accidental speech recognition errors that occur when software tries to understand the human voice.


Tywi subtitles flowed in 3 languages on the screen
on the left.  Other languages could be viewed on
personal devices.