For best instructions see this page:

Open Tywi in CHROME browser
Button: Click on the Simul Interpreter button above for your location.  This opens the Tywi Simul Software.
Login:  Enter your name.
Language:  The TO language should be the language you will translate INTO (so, change Spanish to your language).
Room:  The “room name” varies.  “Room” is also called “meeting ID”.  You should receive from Tywi staff or your agent.

1)  Open the conference  web meeting  (varies, can be Zoom, Webex, GoToMeeting, Tywi…)

2) When you open the client’s event, if you see a microphone icon, assure that your microphone icon is  mute on the web conferencing software so that the world does not hear you.

3) Decide which interpreter interprets first.   Switch as convenient to you.

4)  About 10 minutes before the event starts, speak every minute or so into your interpretation channel so that audience who are logging in know that they are listening to the correct channel.