Tywi Multi-Language Web Conferencing Software

The perfect solution for webinars, meetings, and communication across multiple languages, Tywi-Vox multilingual web conferences bundle together all of the language translation, automatic voice translation, and captioning features, plus cool options for collaboration, across-language text chat, and group conversation.  All participants type or speak in their own language.

  • Speech and conversation translated into 78 languages in real time
  • Provides instant captions for the deaf and audio for the blind
  • Chat area in which participants type in their own language
  • Share audio, video, desktop, camera, files and more
  • Insert on your own website or use ours
  • Invite a few participants or hundreds of attendees
  • Convert one accent to another (e.g. Indian to UK)
  • Control quality and accuracy
  • Stream human simultaneous interpreters
  • Add enhancements like telephone and groups

Quality control

Tywi-Vox is the most versatile conferencing on the web with over 20 ways to speak and view.  Use Tywi alone or lay over Webex, Skype, Zoom, or any other web conferencing.   This movie shows the various ways to use Tywi.


Tywi-Vox is synonymous with Quality Control. We’ve built in a choice of 78 languages using 6 different translation software, a selection of 5 speech recognition engines, and engaging,  human-like computer voices in 45 languages. We offer voice profiles that “learn” a user’s speech patterns and nuances, and personal speech dictionaries permit correction of mis-recognized and mis-pronounced words. 

Industry specific translation dictionaries, plus dictionaries for corporate and personal terminology add impact to quality.  And the Tywi-Vox multilingual web conference software has a proprietary Context Engine that is designed to improve results from automatic translation software. 

Lastly, Tywi-Vox incorporates simultaneous interpretation software to enable United Nations style real-time human interpretation.  Use your interpreters or ours, anywhere in the world.

Morphing communication

Tywi-Vox multilingual web conference is an automatic “interpreter” that converts speech and text to and from the recipient’s language. With Tywi-Vox you can talk and type-chat on your smartphone, tablet, or laptop with a person who speaks a different language, and that person can talk and type-chat to respond. Tywi-Vox adds an environment with the ability to morph as the conversation progresses from chat to across language talking to video camera.  With Tywi-Vox all you have to do is click a Tywi link in an email, a signature, text, website, or social media, and communication instantly begins. Tywi means excellent internal communication between employees of a company, across-language “in-mail”, and real time translated meetings.  Plus it makes multi language customer service and tech support a hassle-free experience.


TyWi-Vox Multilingual Web Conference has implemented extremely powerful security features, including our invention, the Tywi Secure Web Microphone, the most secure “soft microphone” on the web.  The Tywi microphone assures that your data remains confidential at all times.  We will be pleased to share the details with your IT team. In addition to the many features added specifically for your security, Tywi-Vox can also be placed on your own website and server, giving your team total control over privacy and corporate security.

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