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Institutional Pricing
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Prices in USD

Tywi Mobile$29 per month

Translated voice-to-subtitles and chat for use with mobile only

Tywi Gold$39 per month

Adds use of laptop and desktop and screen share

Tywi Advanced$49 per month

Adds audio conferencing plus screen, PPT, and PDF share, and use with other conferencing software

Tywi Master$59 per month

Standalone or with other web conferencing; speech and professional dictionaries, pretranslations, and user groups

Across-language typing and chatting

Audience chat-back across languages

Question-Answer several languages on one device

Voice-to-subtitles with Dragon, MS Speech, Apple and Mobile device speech recognition

Personal Translation Dictionary

Voice-to-subtitles with Cloud Speech Recognition

Sharing: Audio, Video, Screen

Built-in-Audio Conferencing with Voice-to-subtitles

Use with Skype, Webex, Zoom, Adobe, and other web conferencing

Voice-to-voice (TTS Text-to-speech)

Voice-to-voice with Cloud Recognition


Personal Speech Dictionary for Cloud Recognition

Save to database and editing capability (Note: exporting subtitle files for YouTube, etc. separate)

Customization of Pre-translated Phrases

Advanced Automatic Translation Vocabulary

Personal Dictionary





Small Group pricing available.  Ask us.