Voice translation in real-time for education and training

  • Special features for ESL classes
  • Speech translation as subtitles or translated voice
  • Across-language texting
  • Instant captioning for the deaf
  • Streaming courses in 78 languages
  • Global tutoring
  • Human interpretation
  • Global recruiting tools

School Language Solutions

Schools today around the world are experiencing an upsurge of students and parents of many languages.  This often poses a problem with teachers and staff unable to communicate effectively.  Whether an ESL class, captions for a lecture, a group event in an auditorium, or a face-to-face conversation, with Translate Your World the teaching process is enhanced sometimes dramatically and everyone can communicate whatever the language.

In the classroom, captions or subtitles stream across a wall or monitor as the teacher speaks, and for large events members of the audience read subtitles on the wall or hear a translated voice on their mobile device.  And for face-to-face communication, one single tablet or laptop can easily switch from one language to another for a conversation in two languages.

Across-Language Teaching

All you need is access to the internet to speak other languages almost instantly with Translate Your World.  Whether your international students are in the room or across the globe, Tywi delivers your teaching in surprising new ways.  Classes have captions or even bilingual subtitles in their native language.  Compatible with any Web conferencing software such as WebEx, Zoom, Adobe Connect, Blackboard Collaborate, Skype, and GoToWebinar, choose between automated voice translation as subtitles or computerized voice or a live interpreter who can be located anywhere.

Tywi solutions for recruiting open the possibility of international office hours and across-language presentations with translated voice and text chat.  And with the “Mobile Tutor”, your students are never more than a text message away from help – in any language.

Automatic Interpretation

Tywi is professional grade software, and takes only a little training in order for the teacher or trainer to use.  The speaker wears a headset, turns on the speech feature, and talks.  Everything spoken will be translated for a global audience.  Tywi provides ways to guide the accuracy of the translations with personal dictionaries and special controls to prepare the automated translation software for the subject matter.   Tywi saves the automated subtitles to database, and provides an interface for students, teachers, and translators to upgrade and correct discrepancies, then play online over a video of the class.

Human Interpretation

Tywi-Education also enables a “consecutive interpreter” to provide interpretation via the Web.  Consecutive is the “one sentence at a time” approach turning a 1-hour meeting into a 2-hour meeting.  This slower type of interpretation is often used when an office colleague is acting as interpreter, or a less skilled interpreter. However, some consecutive interpreters are highly skilled.

Left:  Subtitles on same screen.  Settings:  white text on black background.
Right:  Subtitles on separate screen.  Settings: black text on white background.