Language Solutions for Construction and Roofing

  • Communicate with your employees in their language
  • Assure that your contractors understand your instructions
  • Ask questions in their language, and receive answers in yours
  • Dispatch and assign workers without confusion or worry
  • Add multi-language Customer Support to your website
  • Talk to your customers in their language face-to-face during house calls
  • Summon a human interpreter when you have an emergency

All this and more by bridging the language barrier with Tywi, the Real-Time Voice Translator.

Video and audio – right on!

Translate Your World (“Tywi”) brings you a new offering to make your working life easier by removing the confusion often experienced when working with people of many cultures including contractors, employees, customers, warehouses, stores, and more. 

With Tywi you can text-chat and speak with anyone on your staff and type messages and speak  to customers, arrange meeting times, send updates and reminders.  No matter what language they speak, you can each text-chat and speak in your own language and they understand.  And everything they say or text is translated for you.

Then Tywi adds video capabilities.   You can see the person with whom you are speaking, and you can see what they are talking about.  Just point the camera at something in a store, warehouse, yard, or high up on a roof that needs materials or correction.  You can see it all in real-time and hear a translation into your language of the worker’s conversation.

video and conversation


Dispatch and Customer Service

For Premium users, Tywi has developed the first Multi-Language Customer Service software.  Place a button on your website, add a link in your email, or put a hyperlink in Facebook or social media.  One click, and the customer can contact you directly in almost any language.  And they can use their camera to show you what they want, or show you damage to the roof or construction.  All the while, you each type and speak in your own language.   Using Tywi,  you can not only make that sale – you can service the customer after the sale, as well.

As an add-on to the premium package options, try Tywi for Dispatch and other centralized communications.

Lastly, medical emergencies, storms, earthquakes, fires, and other important events,  you can add the ability to summon a human interpreter in as little as 60 seconds.

GAF make sense!

To help its customers and partners, GAF is providing a dictionary specifically for the construction industry.  Construction has very specific terminology, and GAF is helping to make across-language talking and typing more accurate.

Multi-language customer service

Multi-language dispatch


Basic Package

Includes: Voice Translator to speak with staff who speak a different language. What you say is translated in real-time, and their answer is translated for you. Translates instant “touch-to-call” web phone calls as well as face-to-face communication.   Share instructions and directions by speaking or text-chatting. Ask-answer questions and queries in different languages.
Retail: $99
GAF: $69/month for a crew of 10





No worries.  Cancel anytime.

Premium Package

Includes: All services in the Basic Package plus “Interpreter in 60 Seconds”. This package adds a phone number that you dial, give a password, and an interpreter will come into the conference call. Interpreters for the Tier-1 languages will be with you in about 1 minute.
Retail:  $99 per month + $1.50/ minute + cost of Basic Package ($69)
GAF: $15/month + $1.50/minute
for interpreter + cost of Basic Package ($69)




No worries.  Cancel anytime.

Contact/Dispatch Center

Includes:  This software makes it easier to give instructions and dispatch teams whose primary language is different than yours. Speak to them in your language, and they hear you in their language. Explain requirements, share information on human resources and staff, send maps and directions along with instructions, and much more. Try the full type-chatting capabilities across languages, as well, to replace English SMS with multi-language type- chat. Includes up to 57dispatchers or agents.
Retail: $399 / month for 7 agents
GAF: $199/month (sold separately from other offerings) 
Agent training available : $275 per group (Retail: $450)



Contact/Dispatch Center

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Customer Service Package

Includes: This software enables 1 agent to serve customers in 78 languages. Add to your website for customers and prospects to click to communicate with your agents in almost any language. Both parties type-chat or speak in their native tongue, translated for the other. Comes with a Click-to-Connect URL that you can add anywhere that there is web text or hyperlinks such as email signature, social media, online press releases, PDFs, and more.
Retail: $399/month for 7 agents
GAF: $199/month
(sold separately from other offerings)

Agent training available : $295 per group (Retail: $480)



Multi-language Customer Service

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