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STEP #1:  Select a View
Tywi is the only software with 20+ layouts (“Views”) for laptops, mobile, wall display, and more. Choose Views to use Tywi as a standalone or with Webex, Zoom, Skype, BlueJeans, GoToMeeting…  You will select your view from the Login screen.

STEP #2:  Quick Start
This video demonstrates the fastest way to start using Tywi.  Click a button and subtitles begin, click another button and you hear a translation of the person talking to you.  To learn more about accuracy, see later videos. 

Speech Recognition:  Turning Your Voice into Text
Transcribing what you say is vital to assure accuracy in the translation of your words.  If you are not understood correctly, the translation will also be wrong.  With Tywi, you have amazing control over the results.  This video describes ways that you can improve the accuracy of speech recognition when it turns your voice into text.

Perfect Error-Free Translations
This video explains how to use Tywi’s Popular Phrases.  Sentences and paragraphs can be pre-translated by professional translators including medical, technical, and financial translators.  Popular Phrases is often used for scripted conversations in medical offices, customer service, tour guide patter, and tech support.

Voice-to-Voice Translation
You can have conversations with people in over 35 languages.  You speak in your language, they hear you in their language. First, what you say is transcribed, then translated.  Last, the translated text passes through software called text-to-speech (TTS) to become a voice.  TTS is set automatically, but you can change the settings.

Using Camera-Audio
Camera-audio is optional with Tywi.  If there are 400 attendees in a Tywi webinar, the speaker would probably prefer that all 400 do not speak at the same time.  The Views mentioned in Step #1 dictate whether Camera-Audio is used.  The camera is HD quality and display is so precise that it supports sign language.

Chat in Almost Any Language
Chat has always been a great way to share messages and ask questions.  However, until now, chat has only been available in one language.  With Tywi, chat is available in 78 languages.  Each person can type and read in his or her own language.

Using an Interpreter
Yes, you can use an office colleague … or use a professional simultaneous interpreter, United Nations style, translating in real-time for your online events.  A 1-hour meeting is a 1-hour meeting with interpretation as beautiful HD audio.

Creating Your Own Personal Dictionary
One of the great advantages to Tywi is your own ability to improve the results from voice translation.  Translation is affected by word choices, especially words with 2 meanings (like “execute” a contract or “execute” a person). Tywi empowers you.