Tywi welcomes the world to your Services

Give your international guests the present of language by translating your Sunday services, and adding automatic captions for the visually-impaired.

Tywi real-time Sunday service translation

On large screen or personal devices

A Truly Warm Welcome

Bring a warm welcome to all of your international members, their families and their guests.  Share your worship instantaneously with people of all languages as well as with the deaf and the hearing-impaired, including elderly persons who cannot hear as well as they did in the past. 

With Tywi, when pastors speak, their words are instantly converted into captions for the deaf, then the captions are immediately translated into subtitles in Spanish plus any other language that your audience selects.  The translated subtitles can also be turned into an attractive synthesized computer voice so that your members can hear the pastor in their own native tongue.

Captions and Subtitles for everyone

Tywi breaks the sermon into captions and subtitles in real-time.  The captions and subtitles display on a webpage that you can project onto a wall or screen or monitor.  Alternatively, persons in the audience can read subtitles on their own devices.  This form of automatic speech translation allows your congregation to effectively share the Message in multiple languages at a small fraction of what professional voice interpretation normally costs.  Up to 3 languages can be displayed at the same time on the same screen – for example, English, Spanish, Chinese.

Human Interpretation For All

If you have a member of your congregation who can translate your sermon in real-time, Tywi has the software that will enable your congregation to hear this interpretation on their own smartphones and tablets. We also have an invention called “NES” (No Equipment Solution) that will enable you to distribute this interpretation inside the church without any access to the internet at all.

Pastoral Counseling

Tywi has created ways for the pastor to counsel and communicate with church members of other languages, and with the hearing impaired:
(1) a way to communicate in person with someone in the church offices, and
(2) a way to communicate with your members anywhere.
It is our hope that through Tywi, comfort and counsel can be shared anytime with anyone, including persons beyond the pastor’s own language to help those of their congregation who are in need.

Using Tywi to Minister

The good that people do for our communities has always extended to anyone who needs help, love and support, wherever and whomever they may be. Yet now, for the first time, congregation members can minister to persons of other languages, as well as to the hearing-impaired and the deaf.   This brings a new freedom to share compassion and be understood. Tywi can be carried with you to homeless shelters, schools, rehabilitation centers, retirement homes, treatment centers, and other locations. We at Tywi honor you for your service to others.

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