Expand your interpretation business, find new clients,and save time and money for everyone

Welcome to the new world of Tywi interpretation – a world where booths, cables, transmitters, receivers, and earphones are totally optional.   A world where simul can be easy and normal for any conference or meeting both online and on-site, and the audio is HD quality.  Tywi makes simul fun and easy for any interpreter, and pain-free and lower cost for the meeting organizer.

  • Interpret for online webinars and meetings
  • Remotely interpret for on-site meetings
  • Interpret for hybrid events on-site and on-line
  • Travel with your clients “in their laptop”
  • Translate internet broadcasts and press conferences

And for the first time…

  • Your voice becomes captions for the deaf
  • Your voice can also becomes subtitles
  • Your subtitles can be automatically translated into other languages for smaller groups of attendees

From the inventor of Tywi:

“We hope that our software is the secret to expanding your business and achieving a freedom never before possible.  I myself was an interpreter from 5 languages into English.  Before developing Tywi, I spoke with over 300 companies in Europe, Asia, Scandinavia, and the Americas in order to understand their language needs.  I also interviewed dozens of simul interpreters.  The result is Tywi, an easy-to-use system that provides HD quality for the client and a new freedom of lifestyle for the interpreter.  Importantly, half of the conferences and webinars that use Tywi have never used simultaneous interpretation – We are bringing new jobs to our industry.”

Agencies work worldwide

This ease of use for everyone means that agencies can begin to use interpreters located anywhere in the world.  And independent interpreters may contact agencies in other cities and around the globe to inform them of their skills and availability.  Meaning, the days of being limited to local work – or extremely expensive travel – are over.

But more!  Because Tywi works really well with online meetings, a whole new group of clients begins to emerge.  Tywi functions with every web conferencing:  Webex, Zoom, Skype, GoToMeeting, etc.   The huge corporations have strict security regulations, and of necessity limit employee use down to one web conferencing software.  Because Tywi functions with all of them, this means that whatever the meeting, you – the interpreter – can provide HD quality audio interpretation in both of your languages.  And your voice arrives to the listener in less than 1 second.

Large conferences – no internet required for audience

For on-site conferences with hundreds of attendees needing interpretation, Tywi connects easily to traditional distribution methodologies like transmitters and radio.  However, our “No Equipment Solution” (“NES”) replaces all previous equipment (booths, cables, technicians, transmitters, receivers, headphones) with one PC laptop (or tablet) and one little “router” per language.  Audiences hear the interpretation on smartphone, tablet, or laptop without accessing the internet.  Yet no apps are needed either, so nothing to download or install, and no infrared antennas, etc.

This solution is portable.  When a conference moves to a breakout room, the laptop can follow.   Tywi staff will work directly with your client’s audio professionals to prepare the venue or AV personnel.  NES requires that interpreters use Tywi software remotely or on-site, so the venue will return to you for the next event.

Creating subtitles from your voice

New in 2018, interpreters can generate subtitles from their speaking voices.  This feature lowers the cost of interpretation for huge audiences, and also enables the deaf and deaf-blind to comprehend.  Some stadiums and event locations need interpretation for 40,000  or 100,000 people.  Even listening on smartphones is not an easy option for such large audiences, but reading subtitles from a large screen is easy and affordable.  Also coming quickly to the marketplace are subtitles for internet television.

The subtitles that you create with your voice can be automatically translated using the best automatic translation software on the market today, then displayed on personal devices for small groups of attendees for which human interpretation was too expensive.  In this way, no one is excluded.

To the right are 3 languages are displayed as subtitles.  One from the human voice, and 2 that are automatic translation into French and German.

Discount prices

Tywi is offering an introductory price to the first 300 to register.  Interpreters are discounted to $25 per month for dual-language simultaneous interpretation channel pair (example:  English<>Japanese), and agencies at $69 per month per channel pair.   Add $30 per month to include our voice-to-subtitles software in the package.   This price covers unlimited use up to 25 computer connections per event (not 25 people per event).  If you are working a conference that will stream to more than 25 computers, no worries, just let us know.  There will be a little more cost that you can pass on to your client.

Learning to use Tywi

We invite you to a free demonstration webinar that shows our various features, so that you can see Tywi in action.  Once you register, we  offer a free technical webinar on how to use your own audio settings, headsets, and the basics of your client’s web conferencing.  Also how to use the most popular web conferencing (Skype, Webex, Zoom, etc.).