Simultaneous Interpreting on the Web and On-Site

Add simultaneous interpreting (United Nations style) to any on-line or on-site event, meeting, conversation, or large conference, and take your favorite interpreter with you in your laptop when you travel.   Tywi software enables real-time simultaneous interpretation by interpreters located anywhere in the world.  Use your own interpreter or a Tywi pro.

For on-site events:  Add multiple languages of interpretation without the expense of building booths, cabling, special audio-visual personnel, and without channel earphones.  The audience hears the interpretation on their own devices, or over loudspeakers, or with channel earphones.  Our NES and MLS inventions distribute the interpretation to thousands of people (more below).

For online and hybrid events:  Use your favorite web conferencing (Webex, Zoom, Skype…).  Place a Tywi link in the chat area or send the Tywi link via email.  The attendees click, and a Tywi mini-page opens with the interpretation. 

United Nations style interpreting

The United Nations style of interpretation is in real-time, only a few words behind the speaker.  It is called “simultaneous interpretation”.  Tywi offers the most advanced software on the planet for this remote style of interpretation.  And if you need an interpreter, we partner with top interpreters around the world including medical, technical, financial, technology, and legal.

Tywi software is a webpage.  The interpreter listens to your event via any web conferencing.  As the interpreter listens, he/she interprets into the Tywi webpage.  The webpage has built-in, dual-channel interpretation capability (example:  Spanish<>English).  The interpreter can quickly flip from one language to another with up to 30 languages for the same conference.  For extremely complex events in which the conference speakers’ languages change often,  Tywi also includes “Relay” that empowers interpreters to translate from the voice of another interpreter.

Audience can listen to interpretation on their own cellphone

Now Interactive!

Tywi is now fully interactive in 78 languages.  Both online and on-site, the audience can chat questions (translated for the moderator), or stand up and speak questions into Tywi (automatically translated for the audience).   Additionally, surveys and be customized for your event that are translated professionally or automatically.

Captions and Subtitles

And new this year, Tywi can turn the interpreter’s voice into subtitles to be displayed on a monitor, on the wall, or on attendee devices.  Moreover, Tywi can also support television captioning, creating Captions for the Deaf, then automatically translating the captions into other languages.  Up to 78 languages at the same time.

Multiple other options including viewing full event on mobile, or hearing subtitles spoken as TTS on mobile

Tywi providing interpretation on laptop, overlays the original conference

Tywi Online is like being there in person…

As a bonus feature, Tywi Web Conferencing is the first simultaneous interpretation software to give online listeners volume control over the various voices.  All other approaches only enable listeners to hear the interpreter, and thus they miss all music, laughter, crowd noises, and atmosphere of the original event — all is  lost to silence.  With Tywi, listeners may balance the audio to hear the original channel of the event softly in the background with the interpreter’s voice louder in the foreground, or choose to hear the simultaneous interpreter’s voice alone.  This volume control represents the first time that a “blending of voices” is available on the internet, simulating a live, in-person conference experience.  Learn more…

Breakthrough “NES” (No Equipment Solution)
and MLS (Multi-Language Solution)

For on-site conferences, for the first time, real-time simultaneous interpretation can be added to any meeting without all of the traditional equipment, without the hassle, and at significantly lower cost.  Especially for very large conferences, the savings can be staggering. For example, a large conference in Australia received bids ranging from $55,000 to $78,000 using traditional equipment. Tywi came in at $24,000.  Translate Your World has invented a solution that enables hundreds of attendees to receive real-time simultaneous interpretation on their own devices at HD quality audio without expensive channel earphones, without connecting to the internet, and without paying a penny to their mobile provider.  All the conference organizer needs is a second laptop, a router, and a small software from Translate Your World.  Special laptop configurations by Tywi can stream up to 20 languages from the same laptop.   When you need interpretation next time, just open the laptop.  And for breakout rooms, move the laptop into the new room.   You can have many breakout rooms at the same time.  This solution truly is first in the world – ask us how it’s done!  Learn more…

Image showing an Asian crowd listening to translation on tablets and laptops

How it works

For large auditoriums, the organizer guides the sound of the original event into a laptop USB port with the Tywi webpage open or any other web conferencing open like Webex, GoToMeeting, Skype, Zoom, etc.  The simultaneous interpreters hear the audio wherever they are, and interpret into Tywi.  The interpreter’s voice returns instantly into the event room in less than a second.  The event organizer distributes a Tywi link so that audiences may listen on their own devices (without fear of overages) or guides the interpreter’s audio into the Tywi’s NES laptops, or into traditional equipment.  The Tywi video feature can also be used for remote sign language interpretation for the Deaf.  Importantly, Tywi is extremely secure, and includes the Tywi Secure Web Microphone that is perhaps the most secure soft microphone on the internet.  Learn more…

image of security lock

Extreme Data Security

Translate Your World is also the developer of the Tywi Secure Web Microphone, potentially the most secure soft microphone on the Internet. This “soft microphone” is built directly into the webpage and ensures total confidentiality and security of your translated conversation, plus meets HIPAA standards.