Simultaneous Interpretation Requirements

  • Small group online events:  for the interpreters, Tywi requires decent access to the internet, but not necessarily a super-fast connection.  for the audience, there is nothing to download or install, no apps, just go to a webpage.
  • Large groups:  For major on-site conferences with high numbers of people requiring interpretation, to send the audio to the interpreters it is strongly advised to use direct connection to the internet rather than WiFi, and to receive one stream of interpretation from a Tywi webpage per language.  Importantly, Translate Your World offers a remarkable solution for large conferences where dozens or hundreds of people need interpretation.  You download a small software into a second laptop, and easily use that laptop to broadcast in-house to hundreds of devices without worry about internet access bandwidth for the audience and without adding to your audience’s monthly gigabyte quotas.   Moreover,  with interpreters trained in voice-to-subtitles, Tywi creates subtitles from an interpreter’s voice that may be displayed on audience devices or on the wall or monitors.
  • About Interpreters:  Tywi offers outstanding interpreters in every field, including technical and medical, located around the world.  When you employ your own interpreters, the Tywi software is so easy to use that interpreters can use the software with only a paragraph of instruction.  For interpreters who are new to remote interpretation, we recommend that they follow Tywi’s guide document that explains how to test the strength of their internet access (they should have a minimum of 4 megs of download and almost 1 meg of upload).  Note that interpreters usually need your help using their own system audio and microphone settings and need help with Webex, Adobe, Zoom, etc.    Translate Your World will be pleased to train your interpreters for you, and Tywi staff will participate in online test sessions in advance of the conference as well as take part in remote tests from the conference site.