Speech Translation and Text Automation Solutions in 78 Languages


Solutions for K-12, universities, and corporate training including captions, subtitles, voice-to-voice.  COPPA, FERPA, ADA compliant.  Learn more…

Contact/Call Centers

Solutions for customer service, tech support and contact centers with call voice translation, transcriptions, monitoring features. Learn more…


Multi-tiered conference solutions including remote interpretation, subtitles in multiple languages, Exhibitor Conversation Translator, and organizer module. Learn more…

Global communication

Worldwide Tech Connections specializes in bringing communication and language technologies together under one roof to provide:

  • Speech-to-text captions and transcriptions in major languages
  • Text-to-text translation through automation enhanced by AI
  • Text-to-speech technology to speak contents and translations
  • Speech-to-speech for human and automatic conversation interpretation

Our technology integrates the state-of-the-art language and communication technologies from around the world to enable across language communication via talking and typing.  In fact, almost every major vertical with international business or with personnel or customers who speak another language will benefit from what we bring to your table through increased revenue, employee goodwill, and improved customer satisfaction.

Interactive and compatible with almost everything

All software that we develop are interactive, enabling across-language communication as never before possible.  What you say is translated for other people as text and as voice online, on phone, or in person.  What they reply is translated for you, as well.  The Talking Forms translations not only bring forms alive in multiple languages, but also enable persons who cannot read well or are visually impaired to hear the content of a form.  Our applications are compatible with all major platforms online and on-site, and you may select an existing solutions, a customized solution, or integrate our APIs into your own technology.

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