Medical Virtual Interpreter app

The Virtual Interpreter is designed for nurses to communicate with patients who speak another language, receptionists to welcome new arrivals, and doctors to communicate in person or at a distance.  Subtitles appear that are a translation of your spoken words, and a voice can be heard in the other language speaking the translation.  All with vital AI (artificial intelligence) plus script and vocabulary control.

The Virtual Interpreter is like having your own personal interpreter right on your smartphone, tablet, or laptop.  Just click to start, then talk.  You speak in your language, they speak in their language. Whatever you say is translated for them, and their reply is translated for you. The app auto-detects what the language, so you can relax.

The translation of spoken words can be read as chat text (similar to subtitles) and/or as an attractive computer voice.  The software automatically identifies the language and translates, so no more buttons to push.  Just talk. You can even add more people to the conversation from anywhere in the world.

Need a professional (human) interpreter? Tap an icon to summon the perfect interpreter for your needs.

Just open the Virtual Interpreter app webpage on a tablet, laptop, smartphone or desktop and captions will appear as you speak.  Select a language, and the app can be used with no training whatsoever – just go to a webpage, click Start, then type or speak.  Your entire conversation will be translated in a natural, flowing manner, with no further clicking or tapping.

Hispanic doctor asking Asian patient questions

Importantly, there are ways to achieve perfection by training the Virtual Interpreter app for your voice, and also by using pre-planned, scripted conversations selected from a dropdown list.

The Virtual Interpreter offers 6 different ways to transcribe your words, including Dragon Medical and nVoq speech recognition.


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