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WWTC’s Virtual Interpreter Platform (“VIP”) has now been adapted for telephone call centers, web contact centers, and PBX.  This makes VIP a new, affordable way to serve customers based upon advanced text and speech solutions. 

VIP is a new experience in Customer Service and Tech Support:

  • Serve your customers (and find new customers) in almost any language
  • Use VIP “Talking Chat” that converts your chat and speech into a translated voice
  • Share images, files, maps, and movies
  • Insert Click-to-Connect links to your website, emails, texts, PDFs, social media
  • Use scripts that are automatically or professionally translated
  • Save transcriptions of your calls and chats in both languages
  • Monitor in real-time from anywhere
  • Add other people to the conversations such as supervisor
  • If you need human help, custom VIP adds the ability to summon a human interpreter

Call Centers

Your international calls can be routed to pass through VIP for speech-to-speech translation.  In this way, your agents converse as usual in their language, and their words are translated for your customers. The customer responses are translated for your agents as computer voice.  Both sides of the conversation are transcribed with speech recognition software and both languages can be recorded, including all human and computer voices.

Contact Centers

This Digital version version of Virtual Interpreter Platform combines online web voice conversation with next generation technologies like camera, screen share, presentation share, and video.  Within 5 minutes, you can chat answer questions in any language, sell, and provide tech support.  The agent has control over both the agent’s screen and the customer screen. VIP functions from your website as click-to-chat and click-to-talk, and for the first time, you can place links for customers to contact you directly into emails, text messages, mobile blasts, PDFs, Power Points, and social media.  A click on the link opens a direct conversation between you and the customer in any language.

Importantly, there are ways to achieve perfection by training VIP for your voice, and also by using pre-planned, scripted conversations selected from a dropdown list or selected by typing or speaking a keyword.  The Virtual Interpreter Platform also offers several different ways to transcribe your words, including specialty content such as medical and technical.


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