Subtitling and Interpretation for Conferences and Media

Remote Simultaneous Interpretation

Add simultaneous interpreting (United Nations style) to any on-line or on-site event, meeting, conversation, or large conference, and take your favorite interpreter with you in your laptop when you travel.   WWTC software enables real-time simultaneous interpretation by interpreters located anywhere in the world.  Use your own interpreter or a WWTC pro.

For on-site events:  Add multiple languages of interpretation without the expense of building booths, cabling, special audio-visual personnel, and without channel earphones.  The audience hears the interpretation on their own devices, or over loudspeakers, or with channel earphones.  Our NES and MLS inventions distribute the interpretation to thousands of people (more below).

For online and hybrid events:  Use your favorite web conferencing (Webex, Zoom, Skype…).  Place a WWTC link in the chat area or send the WWTC link via email.  The attendees click, and a mini-page opens with the interpretation.

High Quality Conference Subtitles

Now any online, on-site, or hybrid conference can be subtitled with high quality automatic translation based upon real-time captions by a professional television captioner.  The captioner types in full sentences for best possible automatic translation.  Then the captions flow through the world’s top translation software plus the AI of WWTC to produce your subtitles in as many languages as desired.

On-Site Conference Subtitle options:

Subtitles may be one language or multiple languages.

  • Subtitles on big screen presentation-style
  • Subtitles on the side of the big screen
  • Subtitles on separate screen or monitor
  • Subtitles on audience devices
  • Subtitles on audience devices plus interactive multi-language chat (audience chats questions in own language, translated for you)
  • Subtitles on audience devices plus interactive speech and chat (audience speaks or chats questions in own language, translated for you)

The software used by the captioner is called Pro Conference Subtitler. When the captioner types into a WWTC page, the text is translated in real-time into as many languages as requested. The subtitles are then received on any of the page layouts selected for that conference.

Now Interactive!

Online Conference Subtitle Options

Subtitles may be one language or multiple languages.

  • Subtitles with web conferencing shown at the bottom of the screen (Zoom, Webex, Skype, GoToMeeting,Adobe…)
  • Subtitles with web conferencing with interactive chat (audience can type questions in their language, translated for everyone)
  • Subtitles with web conferencing with interactive speech and chat (attendees speak or chat in own language, translated for everyone)

Breakthrough “NES” (No Equipment Solution)
and MLS (Multi-Language Solution)

For on-site conferences, for the first time, real-time simultaneous interpretation can be added to any meeting without all of the traditional equipment, without the hassle, and at significantly lower cost.  Especially for very large conferences, the savings can be staggering. For example, a large conference in Australia received bids ranging from $55,000 to $78,000 using traditional equipment. WWTC bid came in at $24,000.  The WWTC team has invented a solution that enables hundreds of attendees to receive real-time simultaneous interpretation on their own devices at HD quality audio without expensive channel earphones, without connecting to the internet, and without paying a penny to their mobile provider.  All the conference organizer needs is a second laptop, a router, and a small software from WWTC.  Special laptop configurations by WWTC can stream up to 20 languages from the same laptop.   When you need interpretation next time, just open the laptop.  And for breakout rooms, move the laptop into the new room.   You can have many breakout rooms at the same time.  This solution truly is first in the world – ask us how it’s done!

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