The Multi-Language Teaching Strategy

62% of Students Are Visual Learners

Visual learners retain less information when shared purely as audio.  Curiosity expands the teacher’s words to become both auditory and visual by generating instant captions of everything that the teacher says, as well as translated subtitles and a voice translation in the language of the student.

Read Faster, Understand Better

Curiosity captions appear in real-time on laptop, tablet or smartphone, encouraging students to read faster and faster throughout the school year.  The captions are broken into small, readable chunks like subtitles on a movie so that the eyes can easily follow the lecture or conversation.

Improve Reading and Vocabulary

A student’s learning capacity, reading speed and comprehension are augmented through both visual redundancy of the spoken words as well as coordination between the eye and ear – a combination that has always provided the broadest learning retention.

78 Languages

Teachers struggle to help non-native English language students assimilate into our culture and language. Some schools face up to 73 languages in one district. The Curiosity groundbreaking educational tool creates real-time captions and then translates as subtitles directly from the conversation in the classroom.

Student Assimilation

By displaying English captions, the non-native speakers learn to understand the teacher’s words faster and with more accuracy. During the first stage of assimilation, students lean heavily on Curiosity’s translated subtitles and/or voice-to-voice translation. Then during the next stage, their need for their own language becomes less and less.


Curiosity helps schools avoid potential lawsuits related to Title VI – the federal law declaring that documents, communications and information must be provided “in language” not only to students, but now also to parents who speak another language. In Tulsa, Oklahoma there are at least 73 different languages in the school districts. In New York there are over 200. Curiosity bundles into its offering several ways to communicate announcements, translated forms, and documents in 78 languages. Curiosity also provides the possibility to converse with people in the major languages both in the same room and from their home or office.

ADA Compliance

Achieve ADA Compliance in moments.  Speak easily with the Deaf, plus translate your e-books, documents and text for students from other cultures.  Curiosity speaks text for the Blind,  and produces Braille for the Deaf-Blind on Braille readers.   The Curiosity ADA Compliance empowers you to converse no matter the physical status, plus offers a way to communicate with parents and relatives dealing with special needs.

Parent-Teacher Meetings

Finally, faculty can have private conversations with non-English language parents and Deaf parents.  These conversations may take place in the classroom, on mobile phone or via online meetings. The same interface enables you to dial out for an interpreter, and add that interpreter to your conversation in seconds. If your school does not have interpreters in all languages that you need, Curiosity can summon pay-by-the-minute telephone interpreters.  Subtitles and speech-to-speech translations by Curiosity can be used for special events such as PTA meetings, orientations, town halls, admissions and more.   Also the administrative staff as well as school nurses and other personnel can use Curiosity on their mobile to communicate with students anytime anywhere.

Additional Features

Curiosity distinguishes one classroom from another to assure that students hear and see only information for their own class.  Additionally, Curiosity incorporates student rosters, reports, notes, and responses along with the possibility of private chat and other required features for COPPA and FERPA.  There is a private channel for the teacher to communicate with a student verbally or textually one-on-one in any major language, along with a way to communicate with the student’s parents.  For text and announcements that your school may wish to distribute or share,  Curiosity’s Teacher’s Assistant feature offers you the possibility to translate and even to control the translation quality through personal dictionaries and artificial intelligence.

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