Liberating Communication for the Deaf, Blind and Deaf-Blind

Freely Communicate with the Sighted and Hearing as Never Before

– Participate in online meetings
– Converse with colleagues and friends – Join roundtable discussions
– All using normal, everyday devices, nothing to download, nothing to install

New Way to Communicate

– Instant readable captions
– Subtitles in 78 languages
– Font size controls
– Add a signing interpreter
– Same-language conversation
– Across-language conversation
– Provide Customer Service for everyone with Text read aloud for the Blind and captions for the Deaf
– Forms conversion that speak the text
All on smartphone, tablet, laptop and desktop with nothing to download or install.

ADA Compliance

Achieve ADA Compliance in moments.  Speak easily with the Deaf, plus translate your e-books, documents and text for students from other cultures.  Curiosity speaks text for the Blind,  and produces Braille for the Deaf-Blind on Braille readers.   The Curiosity ADA Compliance empowers you to converse no matter the physical status, plus offers a way to communicate with parents and relatives dealing with special needs.

The World Coming Together

When a person speaks, his/her voice is instantly displayed as readable captions. The captions spoken for the Blind.
The captions can then be instantly translated into 78 languages.
Displayed as text and/or heard as attractive computer voice.

64% of people are visually oriented, not auditory, including the Deaf. The Blind need auditory for comprehension. Our solution has it all.

The softare by WWTC is not your typical interface, frozen into one position. There are 13 “Views”.  This versatility is the secret to the new way to communicate.   All users see or hear the “View” that is perfect for them.

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Extreme Data Security.