TYWI Meetings

  • 100% automatic to 100% human interpretation
  • Business conferences held in multiple languages
  • Skype conversations across languages
  • Group meetings and breakouts in many languages
  • “Interpreter in a laptop” for business travel
  • Human simultaneous interpretation on-site and on-line
  • Streaming presentations in 78 languages

Tywi-Meeting is the first real-time cross-language communication software for up to 78 languages at the same time.  As a speaker talks or types, the translation streams to attendees.  Translations are displayed as subtitles or heard as voice (computerized voice or human).  Participants choose their language, and each attendee may choose a different language.

Compatible with WebEx, Skype, Zoom, Blackboard, GoToMeeting, Adobe Connect, and all other internet communication, the translation is received on any device including smartphone, tablet, laptop, desktop, and wall monitors.  With preparation, Tywi can also be used with telephone conferences.

Several people of different languages can have a conversation while each reads subtitles of the entire dialog in their native tongue, or one person can speak while thousands read subtitles or hear a translation around the world.

Automatic Voice Translation

The automated translations by Tywi-Meeting are surprisingly good with up to 96% accuracy.  Results vary by language, speaker, and subject matter, and results can be improved in a variety ways. For interactivity, several people can speak together across-language or use the global chat that translates attendee questions and comments for the moderator.

On-site audiences and remote attendees use a pulldown selector to choose their preferred language for the translation and may choose to read subtitles or hear a translated voice (like Apple’s Siri) in their native tongue.

Subtitles example divided by speaker:
Paul –>  Hi Paul here.  I created the report
John –>  This is John and I sent the addendum
Susan –>  Susan here.  The graphs arrive today
Paul –>  Then we can insert graphs into the report
Susan –> Yes by end of day

Later Use

The subtitles that are automatically generated during the meeting or conference can be saved in a database.  Therefore, after the meeting an automated transcription and translation is available.  The stored subtitles can be laid to a video of the meeting for later viewing in various languages, and there is an online interface to edit the subtitle text.  Tywi can also retain no trail of the meeting at all for security reasons, and be customized to save the data in the user’s database.

Simultaneous Interpretation

“Simultaneous interpreters” are skilled professionals who instantly translate a speaker’s words with no loss of time, like those used at the United Nations.  With simultaneous interpretation, a 1-hour meeting is a 1 hour meeting, whatever the languages.  The sound of the meeting travels to the interpreter via the Web, and the interpreter’s translation also travels via the Web, so the interpreter may be located anywhere in the world.  The voice of the interpreter can be saved as an audio file and later be married to a video of the meeting. Tywi also enables “consecutive interpretation”, the “one sentence at a time” approach, using an office colleague acting as interpreter, or click to summon a Tywi consecutive interpreter.